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It was common practice amongst my fellow architecture students to publish a 'manifesto', a summary of their design ethic, interests, and intent. I never got around to this. The trouble was, this trend was an homage to eminent architects, designers who, if not enjoying retirement quite yet, at least had a substantial catalogue of works with which to help post-rationalise a reasonable sounding executive summary of their career.

More than a decade after embarking on my own career, I am still finding my feet, discovering new ideas, having my attention dragged off at a tangent. I cannot nail my colours to the mast of a particular approach, or even narrow that attention down to a field of interest - it will no doubt change within a few months and I will find myself scratching out the title of another sketchbook and starting again.

This, then, is my compromise. Because if anything comes close to describing my philosophy accurately for any period of time, it is curiosity. The world is changing rapidly, faster than it has ever done so before, and so we are bombarded with new inventions, discoveries, and stories that divert attention from whatever is supposed to be the main focus of our daily lives. So why put up the resistance of sticking stubbornly to one field? Curiosity will dip into stories that I find compelling, sometimes just testing the water with a toe, sometimes diving headfirst in and seeing where the current takes me. Think of it as a living manifesto, designed to embrace the twists and turns of the 21st century.

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